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video cvWhy a videocv?

Greater chance of getting noticed
Your videocv boosts your chances of being noticed. Recruiters often receive hundreds of applications for the same position. Your videocv communicates your qualities better, offers more info, is innovative and gets noticed

Prove your motivation
A videocv offers the great and unique chance to really put forward your personality, abilities, talents and motivation. Are you inspired by what you do, or did you have succesess to report from your previous projects? Talk about it! Bowl the recruiters over with your enthusiasm.****Recruiters will get aware of your enthusiasm. Something that would be difficult for a letter to protray.

Your videocv is working for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Your videocv is available here 24/7. And it generates worldwide exposure for you. Who knows what you are invited for and what unexpected (international) opportunities will be offered to you

presentation of myselfHow do I present myself?

Make sure your appearance matches the job you’re looking for. Pay special attention to the way you dress, as if you were going to a regular job interview

It is better not to read your speech from crib notes during the recording of your videocv. You should look into the camera, but there is no need to stare. Looking away while thinking is fine and natural.

It is very important to personalize your videocv by expressing a positive and natural attitude. Be authentic, do not perform. Your body language gives away the truth to an experienced recruiter.

Keep your message strong and short: your videocv should not be longer than 60 seconds. A recruiter will ask for your written cv and an interview if needed.

Would you not win any prizes at beaty contests? Not a problem. A videocv and job application is all about knowledge and experience.

And last but not least: be yourself !

present myselfWhat do I say in my videocv?

During the 60 seconds of your videocv you will have to answer the following questions:

1. What kind of job are you looking for?
What is your career objective? In which professional fields would you like to work? What type of positions are you looking for?

2. Describe your best assets and qualities
You have a chance to introduce yourself to recruiters in 60 seconds, don’t missout on putting forward your strengths!

Do your current (or previous) employers appreciate your qualities and your good work? Make sure your future employer knows about it!

Be carefull with mentioning that you are a dynamic person and result oriented. Everybody will add this in... Try to be original and give an example to support your claim.

3. What is your level of education?
Your education constitutes a very good indicator of your abilities and ambition: don’t forget to mention your diplomas and your ongoing classes if you are still studying

4. What experience do you have?
Briefly explain your professional course emphasizing on your most relevant and succesfull experiences

If you are applying for your very first job, put forward your performance at school and your personal achievements

5. More languages?
If you are bilingual, we suggest that you express yourself in your languages during your presentation. Your videocv is an excellent tool for demonstrating your language abilities

Do not mention your contact details as your phone number nor address. will protect your privacy and give out your contact details only on sign-in request to serious recruiters

Other tips for your videocv

Be original!


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